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Valid from 1 June 2015.

Important notice: This is a translation of the canonical Danish text. In case this text contradicts the Danish version, the Danish version applies.


Subscription Conditions (hereinafter Conditions) apply to people ordering a subscription at These people are collectively referred to as the Customer. Subscription agreement is entered into between the Customer and ApS, CVR no. 35466924 (hereinafter Kviknet). The agreement requires that the customer is resident in Denmark and are of legal age.

Scope of the agreement

The agreement is valid for DSL-based broadband subscriptions from Kviknet. Overall described these deliveries thereafter as Broadband subscription. By Broadband Subscription means a connection between the Customer's residence and Kviknets network. Kviknets network is operated by TDC A/S, but the customer relationship is between the Customer and Kviknet.

Establishment of customer relationship

The customer may establish a customer relationship with Kviknet by ordering a broadband subscription. Orders can be placed through Kviknet's website or by contacting Kviknet's customer service.When signing up the Customer is obliged to provide the correct name, address and telephone number. The customer must provide an e-mail address that Kviknet can apply for the transmission of all electronic information. The customer is also obliged to keep his personal information, including e-mail address updated at any time.

Approval of the customer

Kviknet reserves the right to reject customers if deemed necessary.


Customer's payment for Broadband subscription is always due at least 2 months prior to use. Kviknet receive payments via a number of payment cards at Kviknet's website. When signing up, the customer's payment card is registered once, and afterwards Kviknet will automatically charge the montly payment to the customer's payment card. The first payment contains two full calendar months subscription and a partial calendar month if the subscription starts after the first day of a month. The Customer may update his payment card information at Every time Kviknet withdraws a payment from the Customer's payment card, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address registered by the Customer.

Arrears and Collections

If Kviknet repeatedly cannot withdraw a payment from the Customer's payment card, this is considered a violation of the agreement. Kviknet will then send reminders and impose penalty charges and interest in accordance with the Danish Interest Act (Renteloven). Kviknet reserves the right to suspend a client connection until payment is received. In accordance with current legislation Kviknet may transfer claims to a debt collection agency if the Customer after receiving reminders still does not pay.


In some cases Kviknet charges a deposit when processing the Customer's order. Such deposit will be evident during the purchase process, and it will be deducted from subsequent subscription payments. If Kviknet for technical reasons cannot deliver the product ordered, the deposit will be refunded.

Contract period and cancellation right

When Customer orders a broadband subscription, the physical connection will be established on the date requested by the customer, or as soon as possible thereafter. The customer will receive a final confirmation from Kviknet that indicates the establishment date.Ordering a Broadband subscription or related services is covered by the six-month contract period. Termination of the subscription can be done with one month's notice, although not with termination of the agreement until the end of the initial 6 month contract period. If the customer moves his connection to another ISP before the termination date, Kviknet will charge the customer until the date of termination and then close the subscription. Kviknet allows the customer to terminate their subscription using a power of attorney to other ISPs included in the "Industry Memorandum of Understanding on XDSL supplier switching," which can be found on 14 days of the order date, the Customer may cancel the order with no further cost. The cancellation right does not apply to already delivered services such as technician assisted setup. If the subscription is being used when the cancellation right is invoked, the customer will be billed for the already elapsed subscription period.

Delivery of Broadband Subscription

Broadband subscriptions are delivered via phone jack on Customer's premises. Absent or faulty phone jack doesn't void the contract. Phone jacks may be installed by Kviknet if necessary.


Customer Premises Equipment (router or modem) is sent to the customer via Post Danmark. It is the responsibility of the Customer to make sure that the recipient's name is registered on the specified address in Folkeregistret. It is also Customer's responsibility to ensure that there is proper name sign on the mailbox or door, so that the package with the equipment can be delivered properly. If delivery is attempted while the customer is not home, Post Danmark will leave a note to pick up the package at a nearby post office. The customer must fetch the package within the specified time limit. Kviknet is entitled to charge for re-shipping in accordance with current price list if necessary because of Customer's failure to meet these requirements.

Technical Support

Customer may contact Kviknet's customer service by phone or e-mail if assistance is needed. However, assistance is granted to devices delivered by Kviknet only.

Fault finding

Kviknet will fix errors and faults in Kviknet's systems as soon as possible during normal business hours. Malfunctioning customer connections will be fixed by TDC after screening and first line support by Kviknet.


Applicable prices are available on Kviknet's website. Changes are announced one month before they take effect. Payment by payment card is usually charged a small fee to cover the costs involved. The fee will also be announced Kviknets website.

Use and Limitations

The use of the broadband connection for criminal purposes, including copyright infringement by third parties by illegal file sharing will not be tolerated. The customer has an obligation to avoid contributing to the spread of viruses, spam and similar. Broadband subscription from Kviknet is intended for private use and it is not allowed to resell the connection or share it with a third party who is not a member of the Customer's household. Kviknet reserves the right to terminate the customer relationship for customers who do not comply with these rules.

Moving and transfer

The customer relationship is entered into between the Customer and Kviknet, and the Customer may not transfer the customer relationship to a third party without Kviknet's explicit consent. Kviknet may at any time transfer the customer relationship to a third party.
Subscriptions are bound to the physical installation address. If technically and practically possible, subscriptions may be moved to a different physical address. In that case, the Customer will be charged a fee which is stated on the price list.
If it is not technically or practically possible to move the subscription, any remainder of the contract term will still apply. Moving a subscription causes a new 6 month contract term.

Change in Terms

Kviknet reserves the right to change the terms, prices and products. Changes that are favorable to the customer can be implemented without prior notice. In the case of a deterioration of the customer's terms, the customer will be notified by e-mail. Such changes will be implemented with 30 calendar days notice. All changes are announced on Kviknets website. Customer is responsible for all times to keep updated with Kviknet's current terms, prices and products.


Kviknet is not liable for the following:

  • Direct and indirect losses caused by maintenance, disruptions, interruptions or failures of Broadband Services.
  • Customer's use of third-party devices and/or support, as well as unauthorized access to customer data and/or systems.
  • Full or partial lack of access to Kviknet's Broadband Subscription, if this was due to circumstances beyond Kviknet's control, designated as Force Majeure. Force Majeure may include, but is not limited to, lightning, flooding, terrorism, fire, war, local and general strike, local or general lockout, including strike and lockout among Kviknets own employees, power outages, network congestion, failure of third-party networks and system crashes.
  • Temporary suspension of Broadband subscription as a result of agreement between the Customer and Kviknet.
  • Loss of data or financial loss caused by the Customer's unintentional download of viruses or other malicious programs.
  • Conditions caused by Customer's use of non-approved equipment.


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