Speed test

You can test your internet speed at Speedtest.net. A speed test shows the speed of the connection between your computer and a specific server on the internet.

If you don't have access to a computer but only have wireless devices like smart phones and tablets, you can download the app called Speedtest.net for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Please keep in mind that a wireless speed test is not nearly as reliable as a wired speed test.

How to perform a correct speed test:

  1. Connect your computer directly to the modem or router
  2. Please turn off all other devices connected to your modem or router
  3. Turn off the wireless network interface of your computer
  4. Close all applications on your computer.
  5. Disable firewall and antivirus software
  6. Navigate to Speedtest.net and perform the speed test

Which test server should I choose at Speedtest.net?

For the most reliable result, we recommend that you select Kviknet's test server. We continuously monitor the speed of other Danish test servers at Speedtest.net, and you can check out the latest measurements below.

Keep in mind that the measured speed is between a server at Kviknet and the specific test server at Speedtest.net. You should always select a fast test server, especially if your internet connection is 100 Mbit/s or above.